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Quire is a full-featured, cloud-based application for technical report writing.

Report Writing

Quire's flexible framework and powerful building blocks allow you to rebuild your templates to optimize data entry and peer reviews while automating formatting and assembly. Ultimately this saves time, prevents errors and reduces headaches.


Portfolio Management

Large, unwieldy groups of reports become manageable with bulk report creation and editing capabilities. View each report's completion percentage and apply custom statuses to quickly track your reports from creation to delivery. Quire's customizable summary matrices extract key data points into interactive, editable spreadsheets.


Data Intelligence

It's your data, learn more about it! While you’re writing reports in Quire you’re also building a dynamic structured database of your content that we'll use to provide insightful metrics and reveal hidden value in your data as well as your process.

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Why Quire?

Using conventional applications for technical report writing is often inefficient and costly, especially when multiple people are contributing to the same document. Quire helps you optimize the writing, tracking and management of all your report-writing projects, no matter how many people are contributing at any given time. You control user access and content, while Quire enforces the format and handles the assembly. There's a centralized location for all of your templates, reports and appendices, backed up by a superior cloud-based architecture. Quire streamlines your report writing process in a way other applications can't.

The result is consistent reporting, designed the way you want… faster and easier.

Why should I use Quire?

Unparalleled Features

  • Secure cloud access
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Template Creation Tools
  • Integrated Language Libraries (WordBank)
  • Auto-Populate Key Data Points (Report Tags)
  • Signature Management
  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Tools
  • Portfolio Tools - for Large Report Volumes
  • Report / Project Progress
  • Lockable Content
  • Address Books
  • SmartTables
  • Easily Append Supporting Documents
  • Powerful Photo Galleries
  • Mapping/Drawing Tools
  • Real-time Comments
  • Track Changes
  • Import/Export Content Between Reports/Templates
  • Automatic Report / Project Summaries
  • External Data Integration from Third Parties
  • Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae Templates
  • Report Sharing / Contractor Access
  • Powerful Admin / Permissions System
  • Fast PDF Generation
  • Summary Export to Excel/PDF
  • Custom Company Styles
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Custom Template Creation
  • 99.99% availability
  • Hourly backups
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Trusted by industry leaders

Our Customers Quire

“Quire creates a user-friendly experience and places control of our platform in our hands. Quire’s agility enhances our ability to be flexible and responsive to our clients while increasing our efficiency and internal quality controls.”
Robin Cook
Chief Operating Officer
Bureau Veritas
“It's easy to understand why so many environmental firms gravitate towards Quire. This is the seismic shift the industry needed.”
Chad M. Prevatte
Omesa Data Group
“We would not be as successful at Blackstone without Quire.”
Josh Morrow
Senior Associate, Director of Seismic/Structural Engineering
Blackstone Consulting
“Quire’s exceptional platform and responsive service has helped us to continually improve our work product.”
Sean Leary
Executive Vice President, Due Diligence Group Manager
Vieau Associates
"This is the greatest thing for my bridge reports!!!! I was able to shorten my time by 2/3. I am just wondering why we didn't adopt this earlier!"
Christy Steman
Environmental Scientist, Carlson McCain

White Paper

Quire Users Report Significant Time Savings, Productvity Gains

“User responses indicate impressive time savings and productivity gains that average 25 - 30% , and some are even greater.”

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