Quire’s COVID-19 Resource Center

Quire's Special Offers to Improve Remote Work

We are increasing the availability of some Quire Features - and waiving the fees regularly associated with these Features - through the end of 2020. Our goal is to help our Clients access additional Quire tools and resources to which they may not presently have access, in an effort to enhance remote work, increase remote team collaboration, and increase the availability of “boots on the ground” coverage wherever it may be needed. With travel restrictions in place, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, these opportunities can assist our Clients in working with local Contractors to complete site inspections on time, get enhanced information from the field, and review and complete Reports remotely - all while working more efficiently.

How is Quire Helping?

A Letter From The CEO

Dear Quire Clients, Users and Contractors,

As things continue to rapidly change in the face of COVID-19, we want to reassure you that Quire is constantly monitoring the situation, and that our Users should expect no changes to the availability of the Quire platform. Should any problems arise, you will be promptly notified of the issue and provided a timeline to resolution. Quire has taken the steps necessary to protect its employees, while also empowering our Team to work effectively and to continue supporting you during this crisis.

We value all of our clients and are committed to maintaining our service levels and developing new ways to better support you and your business during this challenging time. This resource center will be regularly updated as things evolve, and as we share information designed to help you and your business.

From all of us here at Quire, we thank you for your support and your trust.


Kelly Stratton, CEO


On-Site Data Collection with the Mobile App: Available Now!

Would you and/or your firm benefit from expanded data-entry capabilities in the field?

The extended version of the productivity-enhancing Quire Mobile Field Data Collector App will now be made available - at no cost through 12/31/2020 - to all Quire Clients’ Users and Contractors.

The extended version of our App allows for the populating of SmartTables in the field on iOS Tablets – an incredible time-saver and productivity enhancer for your field personnel.

If your team hasn’t yet tried our Mobile App, here’s what you’re missing – our Mobile App allows for

  • Populating Report Tag values,
  • Capturing and captioning photos,
  • Taking notes,
  • And has offline capabilities.

This tool enables much more of your on-site inspection needs to be completed while in the field. The Quire App provides another source of efficiency gain for you and your business, and it is simple to learn and use - all you need is a smartphone or tablet and an active Quire Account.

This Feature is already available for all Quire Users and Contractors. We encourage all Quire Users to get the Mobile App now and start using the newly extended SmartTables Feature.

Download the Quire Mobile Field Data Collector App now::

Easily learn how to use the App: Training videos and Smart Tables Guide (for iOS tablets)

Collaborative Report Sharing

Would you like to extend Quire's benefits to a Contractor workforce?

For companies that would like to hire a local Contractor to help address issues related to recent travel restrictions, Quire will enable the “Report Sharing” Feature - at no cost through 12/31/2020 - for all Quire Clients, regardless of the Quire Feature Package that was selected at Contract inception. This Feature, currently only available as part of our Enterprise-level package, allows our Clients to assign individual Reports to non-company Users.

Please note that while Report Sharing will be made available for free, Clients will be responsible for a Contractor rate per month for each Contractor who is engaged.

Contact Hayden Janssen (haydenj@openquire.com) for more information

Here is more info on Quire’s Report Sharing Feature

Local Contractor “Matching”

Is your firm in need of Contract field inspectors in certain geographies? Are you a Contractor available for work?

We realize that traveling to certain sites across the US may prove difficult, if not impossible, for existing staff at this time. Quire can help connect our Clients that need local coverage to perform their work, with Quire-experienced Contractors in those areas. These Contractors are available for work and already have some experience working in the Quire platform.

If you are a Quire Client looking for Contractors, please fill out the form linked below and tell us what resources you need and where. We will share your requirements with interested Contractors.

If you are a Contractor who is available for work, please fill out the form linked below, and we will be in touch with companies looking to hire.