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Tools that fit your process because they were designed for your reports.

  • Secure Cloud Access

    Access Quire from anywhere — all you need is an an internet connection. You can work on your reports anytime, whether in the office, at your home, or on the road!

  • Collaborative Workflow

    Only with Quire, can all writers and reviewers work on all facets of the same report at the same time. This way, you can truly work as a team, getting reports done easier and faster!

  • Powerful Admin / Permissions System

    As a Quire Admin, you can build report templates, set up company styles, create users and assign their permissions, create your WordBank, view statuses, and basically run the whole show.

  • Template Creation Tools

    Easily rebuild your current templates - either on your own or with our help — and take advantage of Quire’s productivity tools. Then create as many reports as you want! Templates can even be quickly cloned to meet other needs.

  • Report Tags

    These placeholders for repeated information (like addresses, report names, etc.) are powerful tools to enforce consistency and quality control. Type their values into a form and they will populate throughout the report. If you need to make a change, make it in the form and the edits will occur automatically!

  • WordBank

    With WordBank, you can assign snippets of approved text to a report section and provide individualized guidance for how the language is added. Then, with one click, insert paragraphs, Report Tags - even tables!

  • Lockable Content

    Some content just shouldn’t change - now you can make sure it doesn’t! With Quire, you can lock content down so writers know to skip it and reviewers know it wasn’t tampered with.

  • Your Own Company Style

    No more formatting! Quire will enforce your brand and style so all your reports present consistent output to your clients. That means you can just focus on adding content.

  • SmartTables

    A powerful Table Tool blending both Word and Excel functionality, SmartTables can be formatted to display dropdowns, date boxes, check boxes, WordBank, and rich text. Our SmartTables also copy cleanly to and from Excel!

  • Appendices

    Quire is not just about writing reports, you can compile all of your Appendices as well. Simply upload all your supplemental information, photos, maps and diagrams to an Appendix bucket, then drag and drop them in any order you choose. With speedy, bulk file uploads, Quire makes it easy to add as many files as you need.

  • Photo Galleries

    Need to upload photos into your report? Quire’s Photo Gallery capability has you covered. Photos get resized and formatted automatically. Quickly view, caption and organize your photos – you can even utilize our drawing tools to annotate directly on your images!

  • Address Books

    Think of this as a one-click Rolodex. Store all your critical contact information for your clients and your own offices in our integrated Address Books. Then simply select your contact and have it populate throughout the report.

  • Fast PDF Generation

    Even reports with thousands of pages assemble in seconds with Quire – from the cover letter down to the last Appendix! And don’t worry about unwieldy file size attachments. Quire will automatically generate a clickable link to the final PDF that’s ready to email so you or your clients can download with ease.

  • Signature Management

    Automate report signing based on the report status or manually insert your signature with one-click. Quire’s powerful permissions give you control over this process.

  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Tools

    There is no better way to write a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) than with Quire. Our integrated cost tables and recommendations improve the efficiency of PCA writing and create a seamless writing experience – no more switching between multiple applications to complete your PCA.

  • Freddie-fannie-icon

    Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae

    Quire provides everything you need to build templates for your Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae reports. Save yourself the headache and ditch the Excel forms. You don't need them anymore! And when a customer asks you to change standards mid-way through a portfolio, we can help you optimize your reports to flip between agencies. Brilliant.

  • Real-time Comments

    Make your thoughts known with Quire’s comment feature. In our collaborative environment, writers can read and respond to review comments in real-time. Quickly filter the report to view only those sections with pending comments.

  • Portfolio Tools

    Our clients often manage portfolios containing hundreds of reports at a time. These projects require a special set of tools to manage large datasets and apply bulk actions such as updating text and statuses across the whole portfolio. Additionally, with our customizable summary matrices, our clients can quickly extract key data points across an entire portfolio and export to Excel or PDF.

  • Mapping / Drawing Tools

    A fully integrated mapping tool allows you to quickly frame, draw and annotate on any of our 8 GIS mapping layers. These include satellite photos, street maps, topography maps, and more! Leverage these tools to frame and draw on your own uploaded image or PDF.

  • Import/Export

    Copy multiple sections between two similar reports or a single section across an entire portfolio in just a few clicks. This powerful feature can shave hours, days or even weeks off your current process.

  • Track Changes

    Powerful editing tools like Track Changes clearly display who edited what and when they did it. In addition, Quire’s Revision History allows you to revert back to previous versions of an individual section – for even more granular tracking.

  • 99.9% Availability

    Quire chose premier cloud-host Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its world-renowned reputation in security and stability so your reports will be there when you need them. Utilizing AWS in co-locations, Quire can quickly scale to meet performance demands.

  • Awesome Customer Support

    ”Seriously exceptional.” That’s how customers describe Quire’s support. Integrated live chat and email support monitored 7 days a week give our customers confidence in Quire.

  • Hourly Backups

    Sleep well knowing that your data is safe and secure with Quire. All of your content auto-saves every 15 seconds. Plus, our database is automatically backed up every hour and redundantly stored in multiple physical locations.