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Increase Your Productivity

Common word processing programs are not refined tools designed for technical report writing - Quire is.

In essence, Quire provides you with a new 'toolkit' of building blocks to reconstruct your reports and templates in a manner that optimizes report writing, reviewing and assembly. So they’re still your reports, only better.

With automated functions and robust feature sets, Quire removes the tedium inherent to creating reports with applications that were never specifically designed for your process. The net result shaves hours off your report writing efforts, thus reducing fatigue and saving valuable time.

Report writing software is a tool – use the right one for the job.

“Overall my PMs have reported increased efficiency since switching to Quire” - Ross D.
“Writers who were historically ‘average’ delivered their best quality reports with Quire.” - Keith D.

Improve Quality

By centralizing your reports in the cloud, they now become a collaborative work space where multiple people can work on the same report at the same time - without the worry of version and format control.

Key salient data points are entered once, approved language is inserted with one-click, SmartTables replace clumsy narratives, and instructions drive content. Plus, a granular revision history shows you who changed what and when.

It all adds up to better quality reports with fewer mistakes.

Keep Better Consistency

Enforcing your brand and methodology across multiple offices and a broad user base is an endless challenge.

Quire’s permissions-based features coupled with a modular-framework design, provide control where you need it and flexibility when it’s required.

Lock boilerplate content so it can’t be edited, automate formatting so outputs look consistent. Update and manage all your templates from one place.

Technical report writing consistency doesn’t just happen – you need tools that make it happen.

“With Quire we now have standardized report templates in use across all company offices in a platform that works consistently.” - Chris E.
“New users are up and running with Quire within minutes by simply pointing out the key features.” - Brian R.

Easy to Use

Most people are leery of change, even when it’s for the better!

One of the many great benefits of Quire is that users of all levels of experience are up and running in minutes. The fact is, they’re still your reports, only now you can just focus on entering content and uploading files. Report formatting? Automated. Report assembly? Automated. Plus, there are tons of tools right at your fingertips that make entering content a breeze.

In the end, you won’t be wondering what to do next, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use Quire sooner because intuitiveness comes standard.


Support You Can Count On

You learn a lot about a company in your moment of need. We’ll let our clients speak for us:

“Quire support was very responsive, knowledgable and enjoyable to work with. Kudos to them.” - Steve L.
“A+ Grade! The Chat is perfect. Quire is very responsive with even great after hours email support!” - Ross D.
“Quire sets the bar for support. Period.” - Ben B.
“Very polite and easy to talk to.”
- Jessica K.
“Always Exemplary!” - Skylar H.
“Quire support has been exemplary and extremely responsive. Most issues we’ve encountered so far have been quickly resolved — usually just in the time it takes to open a chat window and explain the problem.” - Chris E.
“Super! Always get a response in less than 15 seconds to show/talk me though my questions.” - Keith D.
"Awesome agent...always on point!!"
- Mike C.
“Always wonderful to chat with and very knowledgeable and helpful.” - Val S.
“Seriously exceptional.” - John G.
“Chat and email support are great! Very responsive where the other platform we used was not responsive at all, more like a black hole!” - Matt F.
"Awesome understanding of the situation and fixed it quickly." - Ivolee H.